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Valoriser les matières Économie circulaire PureSphera

Recovering waste for a circular economy


PureSphera is the only North American company that recovers more than 96% of the materials from refrigerators and freezers. Our recovery efforts help promote a circular economy.

valoriser les métaux

PureSphera uses fully automated technology to separate materials and recover ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as high-quality plastic for our customers. 

PureSphera absorbant PUR

Purified polyurethane (PUR) is recovered by clients for use as industrial absorbents.

décontaminer l'huile

Our unique process decontaminates the oil, which is reused by authorized recyclers. The compressors are recycled for their copper and steel content.

trier les plastiques

Each recycled refrigerator also contains more than 15 kg of plastic material that is recovered through the recycling process. This plastic mix is usually contaminated and cannot be repurposed as it is. With our plastic sorting line, built around optical, we can extract individual plastics from the initial mix with sufficient purity to be introduced in recycled resin mixes. These purified plastics have a greater value and can be sold to local Quebec companies, which turn them into resins for household appliances and electronics.

Repair your fridge sale of recovered parts

PureSphera has developed a new division RepairYourFridge  to recover refrigerator parts in good condition and sell them online. We therefore give a second life to drawers, bins, shelves, baskets and door accessories. This reuse allows consumers to extend the life of their fridge and limit the use of raw materials. The total resources needed to produce a household appliance are 15 to 100 times greater than its mass.

Offset credit valuation on the carbon market

PureSphera supported the first 100% Quebec transaction in the regulated carbon offset market. We are Quebec’s largest carbon offset producer.


PureSphera has dramatically reduced the effects of refrigerants on ozone and global warming with optimal extraction rates (>96%) and superior destruction efficiency (>99.9999%) of refrigerants, delivering premium quality carbon credits for local and international markets.


We compile various performance indicators: treated waste materials, enhanced recovery, GHG prevention, marketable reductions, etc. Tracking these indicators is essential to validating the project, precise quantifying GHG reductions, and reselling carbon credits on the WCI market. 


Read this article to learn how carbon pricing works in Canada.

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