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Commercial appliance recovery

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Program of the Commercial Appliances Recovery Society (SORAC)


PureSphera is acknowledged as the official valorization center by SORAC, the management organization recognized (OGR) by Recyc-Québec, entrusted with implementing an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program for commercial and institutional refrigeration and freezing appliances reaching the end of their useful life. PureSphera must optimally manage end-of-life refrigeration appliances received froma SORAC in accordance with the contractually agreed-upon requirements. 

Appliances covered by the EPR regulations

As part of the SORAC program, PureSphera dismantles, decontaminates, extracts, and destroys the halocarbons contained in the products targeted by the program, such as refrigerators, freezers, cooling cells, refrigerated cellars, wine coolers, refrigerated displays, ice machines, automatic dispensers of refrigerated food or beverages, and beverage centers. You can consult the complete list of targeted products at this location: Targeted Products.

You can reduce greenhouse gas emissions

To responsibly recycle commercial and institutional appliances throughout Quebec and to find drop-off points, visit SORAC.

destruction des gaz réfrigérant

Our clean technologies

Our clean technologies unique in North America recover refrigerant gases and foam-blowing agents that contain four times the amount of halocarbons,  enabling us to reduce 2.7 times more GHGs than the regulatory requirement, if performed by professionals, and nine times more if performed by unskilled individuals.

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