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Commercial appliance recovery

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Commercial refrigerator recovery


Do you have end-of-life commercial refrigerators/freezers or refrigerated food vending machines? Just contact PureSphera for an evaluation. We arrange pick-up dates for recovery. 

Récupération de machines distributrices réfrigérées en fin de vie

EPR regulations

As of April 2021, section 6 of the Regulation respecting the recovery and reclamation of products by enterprises (EPR) requires optimal processing of refrigerators, freezers, cellars, coolers, dehumidifiers, heat pumps, and air conditioners. 

You can reduce greenhouse gas emissions

When you choose PureSphera for appliance recovery, you earn an environmental certificate on the amount of GHG emissions avoided.

destruction des gaz réfrigérant

Our clean technologies

Our clean technologies unique in North America recover refrigerant gases and foam-blowing agents that contain four times the amount of halocarbons,  enabling us to reduce 2.7 times more GHGs than the regulatory requirement, if performed by professionals, and nine times more if performed by unskilled individuals.

Complete turnkey service

PureSphera oversees the transportation, halocarbon extraction, recovery and recycling of all materials, such as mercury, metals, glass, plastics, and polyurethane foam.  Oils are also fully recovered and stripped of refrigerant gases. 

Request a pickup

Tél. 819-298-7873 

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