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Household appliance recovery

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Recovery of domestic refrigeration appliances


Since April 2021, a new regulation (EPR) in Quebec requires the treatment of domestic refrigeration and air conditioning appliances at the end of their life, as is the case, among other things, with electronic products. As of June 2022, commercial refrigeration and freezing appliances are included in the regulations. Medical and laboratory refrigeration appliances have also been subject to regulation since June 2023.



PureSphera is an official recycling facility for GoRecycle Canada. It handles end-of-life household refrigerators recovered by ecocentres and retailers in accordance with contractually established requirements.


Under GoRecycle, PureSphera dismantles and decontaminates refrigerators, cellars and freezers, and then destroys and eliminates their halocarbons. You can view EPR products and objectives under the l’agreement with Recyc-Québec (in French).


For more information about responsible recycling of household appliances in Quebec and for drop-off locations, please visit Go Recycle.

Customized programs

Whether for appliances retailers or municipalities, PureSphera’s customized programs comply with the Regulation respecting the recovery and reclamation of products by enterprises (EPR) requirements for managing household appliances (see section 6 of the regulation).

PureSphera is an official RECYC-QUÉBEC recovery centre for refrigerators, freezers, cellars, coolers, dehumidifiers, heat pumps, and air conditioners. With clean technologies unique in North America, every unit is fully decontaminated and its materials are recovered. When choosing PureSphera, you know that your equipment will be expertly handled, and you will receive an environmental certificate for the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions you have avoided.

PureSphera récupère les appareils ménagers
Centre de valorisation reconnu par RECYC-QUÉBEC

An expert team of environmentalists

Since 2008, PureSphera has helped reduce GHG emissions by over 1.8 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2 eq). For more information about GHG and to compare polluting items and products, visit our page on GHG reduction.

récupérer les réfrigérateurs, congélateurs, climatiseurs pour les détaillants et municipalités
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