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GHG Reduction

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Greenhouse gases and their impact


With increased GHG concentrations in the atmosphere, heat is trapped on the planet’s surface for longer periods, which causes rising temperatures. The increased GHGs could raise temperatures in Quebec by as much as 9 °C by 2050. Heavy rains may cause more flooding and erosion. The costs of accommodating these changes will be substantial.

Solutions pour réduire les GES


PureSphera has helped reduce GHG emissions by over 1.8 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2 eq) since its creation in 2008.

Compare: GHG emissions by activities

Average GHG emissions per Quebecer annually = 10 tons

The average refrigerator recovered by PureSphera contains about 1 ton of CO2 eq. 

According to the year of manufacture and type of gas, up to 3.5 tons per appliance can be reduced.

1 plane trip to Cancùn 


Effective solutions to reduce GHGs

In his book, Drawdown, American environmentalist Paul Hawken suggests 80 scientific solutions for greenhouse gas reduction, confirmed by 70 researchers. Here is one solution to global warming: clean recovery of refrigerant gases from cold appliances.

Image by Cody Chan

Climate change

Untreated refrigerators and air conditioners can contribute to ozone depletion, global warming, increased health risks, rising sea levels, altered wildlife habitats and extreme weather conditions. 

High capacity

PureSphera currently has the capacity to reduce GHG emissions by up to
300 000 tons of CO2 eq per year, which is equivalent to removing approximately 86 000 compact cars from the roads.

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