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Did you know? A single poorly recycled refrigerator can generate as much pollution as a car travelling 

from 4 000 to 20 000 km.*

* According to type of refrigerator



recover fridge
Recycled Plastic

Powerful solutions for GHG reduction

PureSphera is the only Canadian company that offers optimal solutions for dismantling refrigeration equipment and breaking down harmful gases to reduce their environmental impact. 

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PureSphera Leader in GHG reduction
réduire les émissions de gaz à effet de serre en recyclant

Recovery of commercial refrigeration equipment

We collect refrigerators, freezers, and vending machines in full compliance with EPR regulations. PureSphera will certify the amount of GHG emissions avoided and will issue a complete mass balance statement.


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Official facility for GoRecycle Canada  

PureSphera dismantles and decontaminates end-of-life household refrigerators and freezers collected by Quebec’s ecocentres and appliance retailers, then disposes of the halocarbons.


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recyclage de réfrigérateurs
détruire les gaz nocifs

At the leading edge of clean technologies 

PureSphera is the only North American company that recovers halocarbons from insulating foam. We are also the first in Quebec to sell carbon credits on the WCI carbon market.


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Refrigerators and their ecological footprint

Refrigerants (Freon) and blowing agents found in refrigerators and air conditioners contribute to global warming, while CFC/HCFCs are harmful to the ozone layer. 


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PureSphera lutte contre le réchauffement climatique
Emplois pour contribuer à protection de l'environnement

Careers to help protect the environment

We offer a friendly and professional workplace, training, flexible schedules, and regular salary increases. Become part of an energetic and dedicated team of professionals! 

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